16 April 2014
Round Britain in May 2014

In May 2014, I had the pleasure of accepting a late booking for a really unusual cruise on board Saga Sapphire, called "Coastal Voyager". In 5 days (6 nights), we sailed (almost) non-stop journey around the island of Britain from Dover to Dover anti-clockwise, a total of some 1,622 nautical miles, which was a very special experience. It was slightly more eventful than planned, when a fire in the switch room required the ship to anchor off Tobermory for several hours while the fire was brought under control and the generators were tested out then safely brought back online. This was handled with supreme professionalism by the Captain and all of the crew, although it did necessitate some subsequent changes of plan as we were brought back onto schedule. Some nice sightings of dolphins and even a close sailby by a basking shark were amongst the highlights of the trip.

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