21 September 2012
Highlights of 2012

Already 2012 has been a great year. We began it with a visit to the Falkland Islands (see Tristan da Cunha cruise below), then in April we briefly visited the wonderful Bandia Wildlife Reserve near Dakar in Senegal before spending three days on the Cape Verde islands, where we got to know some of the islands' endemic flowers. June took us back to Svalbard (where we were able to successfully land this year), including our first visit to the weird but intriguing Barentsburg.  Then late August saw me (without Sue) on a trip to Iceland on board Quest for Adventure, which called at many unusual ports on the east and north of the island, and, along the way, provide opportunities to record some unusual interviews for Saving Species on BBC Radio 4 (coming soon!). All these trips yielded many photographs, the best of which we will try to upload to www.above-and-below.com before too long.

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