30 October 2010
New book published

I was delighted to work on a wonderful new book, published by Dorling Kindersley, entitled The Natural History Book, and subtitled, with just a hint of hyperbole, The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth.

I helped choose species and wrote mini texts for several of the spreads on flowering plants (it's quite a challenge to summarise the interest of a species in 20 words!), but the end result is something of which I'm rather proud.  The book covers everything from rocks and microbes to birds and mammals, with good coverage, I'm pleased to see, on the non-flowering 'plants' (although most of these are no longer plants!).  If, like me, you are confused about modern classification systems – why brown seaweeds are no longer related to red and green seaweeds, for example –  this may be the book for you!

You can order a copy from Amazon through the link on the right.

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