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Michael Scott - Cruise Ship Speaker

Natural History Writer

My recent titles as contributing author are shown below. They also give an idea of my range of commissions I am happy to undertake.

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THE TREE BOOK: The Stories, Science and History of Trees

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, 2022

ISBN: 978-0-2414-8755-6

Price: £30

I was honoured and delighted to have the chance to be 'lead author', writing almost quarter of the text for this beautiful, colourful, informative and engaging book, describing the lives of some of the world's most important and fascinating tree species.


Order it from Amazon here *

THE NATURAL HISTORY BOOK: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, 2010, 2021

ISBN: 978-0-2413-9334-5

Price: £35

I had the honour of advising on the selection of species, and contributing the text, for the sections covering Microscopic Life, Plants and Fungi in the first edition of this amazingly exhaustive and lavishly illustrated book. In the course of just 10 years, the changed perspectives on the interrelationship between species as a result of genetic and other studies required major revision to the spreads, which was a challenging commission, but makes the 2nd (2021) edition even more invaluable and hopefully up-to-date (at least for now!).

The book is available from Amazon here *

OCEAN: The Definitive Visual Guide

New Edition: Dorling Kindersley, 2022

ISBN: 978-0 2415-3782-4

Price: £30

My wife Sue and I both contributed to this superbly illustrated and comprehensive volume, and I was also involved in a major update for the new edition in 2022.

Sue covered shallow seas, and I focussed on the open ocean and ocean floor (learning a lot in the process), as well as contributing chapters on Biodiversity Hot Spots, Whale Migrations and Wind Farming.

Order it from Amazon here *


Publisher: Reader's Digest, 1991

ISBN: 0-276-42012-8


I was one of a team of contributors to this attractive and informative book – and I learnt a great deal in the process about everything from Naked Mole Rats to Great Grey Shrikes.

I think it has worn well over the years; it still looks good and I continue to use it as a valuable reference.

Second-hand copies may be available from Amazon here *.


Publisher: Raintree Publishers, 2008.


I am especially proud of this series of books (now sadly out-of-print), which were written for grade 3-5 youngsters (reading age 8). I was consultant on the selection of species and co-wrote the text with Angela Royston who ensured that our writings were appropriate to that age group. The books feature the amazing lifestory of 10 different plants from each of the six inhabited continents.

Occasional copies of the books turn up on Amazon here *.

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