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Just came off the Regent Seven Seas Mariner after an Alaskan Cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed your lectures and your comments on the ship and on the Sea Otter boat trip were really informative. We look forward to our next cruise with Regent, and hope to hear you again then!

Thank you
Posted by Patrick Molloy on 12 September 2019
I'm pleased I helped you get the most out of a great cruise, Patrick. I look forard to sailing with you again.
Posted by Michael Scott on 09 October 2019
Your cruise lectures
We took a world cruise on the Navigator last year, from New York to New York, and we’re lucky enough to be able to attend many of your lectures about Arctic wildlife. We so enjoyed your lectures! They made the trip come alive for us. I just read that you will be on the first 3 legs of our cruise on the Mariner in 2021. Wonderful! We can’t wait to have you enhance our experience again! So looking forward to hearing your information. Keep up the good mission to educate us about the wild life around us! Can’t wait! Thanks!
Posted by Terre &Bill Stout on 29 May 2019
I'm so glad you enjoyed my talks and will look forward to meeting you again in 2021. Do come and say hello at the start of the cruise and mention this post on my website, so I know who you are.

Many thanks,
Posted by Michael Scott on 14 June 2019
Viking Sea Talks
This is our first cruise on Viking Sea and your regular talks have been one of the highlights of our trip. I particularly appreciated you insights on what we can expect at Shetland and Orkney. Although I now live in South Carolina, I grew up in Edinburgh. It is lovely to hear the Scottish accent again. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Posted by Quentin Jackson on 18 July 2018
Very many thanks for your kind comments. It was great being back on "Viking Sea" and sharing so many nice places with you and the other passengers.
Posted by Michael Scott on 27 July 2018
Viking Odyssey -- 2015
Your lectures on the flora and fauna residing in the many fjords, seas and archipelagos we visited on this Regents Seven Seas Voyager cruise immeasurably enhanced our enjoyment. Mostly, though, your ably communicated delight in just about everything we saw inspired equal delight in us. Many thanks and best wishes.
Posted by Gerry Allen on 20 August 2015
Many thanks for that, Gerry, It was a great pleasure to sail on "Seven Seas Voyager" and to interact with such an interesting group of passengers. I look forward to the future bookings I have with the company, and am discussing further options for 2016.

Best regards,
Posted by Michael Scott on 20 August 2015
Southbound to Australia 2014
Thank you for making this voyage so much more interesting than it would have been without your fascinating lectures, especially all that information about endemics!

The recommendation of Aqwa was spot on, as was the fish and chips at Hillarys - we hope to be back there in January as we didn't manage to spot a little pied cormorant this time.

I think I have just about curbed the desire to shout "bird" and take a photograph every time something flaps overhead, but we're still looking with more interest than before we met you.

The only disappointment is that we didn't get to meet Sue, as we have discovered that our 10 year old Australian grandson has a burning ambition to be a marine biologist.

Posted by Ann Joss on 16 December 2014
North Cape
Posted on 13 August 2014
Journey to the North Cape
Posted on 05 July 2009
Posted on 24 July 2008
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